What Can Exchange Online Do For You?


  • Anywhere Access – your team can stay connected at all times, wherever they are – in the office, on the road and at home.
  • Hosted Exchange is synchronised onto all of your devices: your work computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone and it keeps a copy of all your mail folders - including your Sent Items.
  • Provides unlimited email addresses.
  • Large disk space per mailbox – you never have to delete important emails from your Inbox.

Calendar and Contacts

  • Synconise your Calender and Contacts across all your devices.
  • Shared distribution lists – Global Address Book and Distribution Lists allow you to store contacts and share with everyone on your team.
  • Shared calendars – see when team members are available for meetings – no more double-bookings.
  • Task management – create, assign and delegate tasks among your team.


  • Delegated permissions – allow permissions based on job function without giving users access to the entire Exchange management interface.
  • Enable users to manage distribution lists, track messages and edit personal information.


  • Secure Connection – Hosted Exchange connections are encrypted – so confidential information remains confidential.
  • Safe and secure email retrieval – RPC over HTTPS, MAPI, POP3, HTTPS and IMAP.

Why Choose Us?

  • We're right here in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - which means your data is also right here in Australia.
  • We understand Australian English and are more than happy to talk to you on the phone.
  • Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always here to help.
  • Support requests are handled in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Fantastic Customer Reviews:
"Mark and his team at Level-five are my first choice for IT support. They are reliable, expert in their field and have good turn around time. Thanks Mark & Co!"

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Ready to Try Exchange Online?

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Example Deployment

In the following example  all of the below devices are connected and synchronised to the Hosted Exchange server:

What Can Hosted Exchange Do For You?

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