Cloud + Church = Easy

There is a new trend emerging amongst churches where they are moving their information technology to the cloud, as this cuts the expense of personnel and upfront investment on hardware and software.

It might seem ironic that small to medium churches are the early adopters here, as they turn to cloud computing solutions to solve their need for reliable IT, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

It is estimated that within the next five years, 70% of small to medium sized organisations will be transitioning to a complete cloud infrastructure, phasing out cumbersome hardware and outdated software.

With a L5IT cloud solution, if a staff member needs the contact details for a church member, it can done from a smart phone, on an iPad or a home computer.

What happens when you need to send an urgent email to church members, reminding them Sunday morning is at the park this week? In the past, you'd have to head back to the church office, login to a computer and send the email. But today, with a L5IT cloud desktop, as opposed to the legacy desktop, you would just sign in from home and send the email as if you'd never left the office.

It doesn't end there. Churches need virtual space for delivery of podcasts, websites, sharing key information for upcoming events and storing financial records securely to meet ATO compliance. Even sharing data with auditors and tax agents is quick and secure. No more emailing spreadsheets and reports!

The L5IT cloud is the perfect solution for keeping up with the high demand of church environments. Accessible from anywhere and on any device. But most of all, it lets you focus on what matters: reaching people with the message of God's love.

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