Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti products are our main choice of networking products such as access point, router, camera, switch and all other networking products. Their products are business grade so its durable and receive continuous firmware updates without any additional cost. Not only durable, their design is also very clean, non-intrusive and complements your overall network setup.

Ubiquiti has their own SDN (Software-defined networking) called Unifi which let us manage your network, apply network rules, add some QOS (Quality of Service) between your computers and phones for example, update your Ubiquiti products, check the overal health of the network and many more. All of this management can be done from the cloud so we don't have to go on-site just to change few network settings.

Moreover, Unifi doesn't come with any additional subcription cost and is updated continuously by ubiquiti. Unifi is available on both the cloud and mobile apps (Android and iOS)

We have over 20 sites successfuly migrated to Ubiquiti infrastructure and they have been experiencing an outstanding performance with 99.9% uptime in their network operation. They like the clean look of it which is suitable for both offices and homes, and also the flexibility that Unifi offers for them and us in terms of the network management.

For more about their products, please check their website and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Why Choose Us?

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"Mark and his team at Level-five are my first choice for IT support. They are reliable, expert in their field and have good turn around time. Thanks Mark & Co!"

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