How to Tell if It's Time for a Website Redesign

Published on September 17, 2014 at 6:40 PM

You probably view your company website several times a week, but have you taken a really good look at it lately? Like the empty cubicle that's become a dumping ground for outdated electronics, your eye may be skipping over an outdated web presence. How do you tell if it's time for a Website Redesign?

When User Experience is Poor

One of the most critical factors to take into account for your website is: What type of devices are people actually using to access it?

Business owners really need to think about whether their website works properly on all of the new devices people are using.

  • Is the text and type face easy to read?
  • Does the menu allow easy navigation?
  • Do the images scale to the right size?

We call this Responsive Design. Which simply means your website responds correctly to whatever device it's being displayed on - a tablet, a mobile phone, a laptop or a computer.

These days, you can no longer assume that if your website looks good on your computer screen on the desk at your office, then it looks good to everyone else who views it.

People are using mobile phones and tablets more and more and it's important that you check your site to make sure it's working properly on all these devices too.

Chances are, if you haven't redesigned your website recently than it won't be responsive at all.

A responsive website is also easy to use with fingers. One important design feature small-business owners should have, is a simple way for customers to get in touch with the company from any page using their mobile phone.

Is your phone number easy to spot and is it clickable? If done right, you can touch the phone number with your finger and your phone will ask if you would like to call that number and it dials it straight away.

If your phone number is part of an image or it's not clickable, then the person has to try to remember what the phone number is, swap to the phone and type it in - that is if they are still on your website!

For many potential customers, that may be a few steps too many to give you a call. It's time for a website redesign.

You also can't assume all your customers view your website through the same browser you do. Have a look at your website in multiple browsers to make sure it's rendering properly across all the different ones. Open it up on mobile phones, tablets, computers - both PC and Mac and make sure everything looks the same.

When it's Been a While Since an Update

People are not interested so much in past events or content that is no longer relevant.

Perhaps your company's business strategy or objectives have changed, the target market has changed, or the look of the website just isn't right anymore.

When the overall design looks outdated and websites definitely age - most not as gracefully as we think - it's time for an update.

A simple test is to make sure your website is in-line with the look of other marketing tools for your business. When the graphic elements or color scheme changes in other marketing materials or distribution channels don't forget to change the website too.

Always try to view your site with a fresh and critical eye. From a communication sense, you need to be looking at your site quite often and make sure you offer the most relevant and up-to-date information to potential clients. If you have changed any products or services, it's time to update your site.

Is your website also projecting the image you want the world to see? Does the design still represent your brand? Is it still saying what you do? If not, it's time for a website redesign.

Perhaps the problem with your current website is that it's too hard to update. You need to call IT, the password expired, HTML is a foreign language.

This is exactly when you need a website redesign.

Website updates should be simple, quick and easy so that anyone in your company can do it.

When Your Competition Already Have

If your competitors’ websites are mobile friendly, simple, well-organized and customer-centric, your website is at a distinct disadvantage. It's absolutely time for a website redesign!

According to Forbes, 80 percent of purchase cycles are completed before the customer contacts you.

One of the first stops in that cycle will be your website. If you're not ready, chances are your competition already are.

When it's Simple

With Level-five IT it's a simple task to complete a website redesign. Why? Because we do it every day and are very good at it!

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