Mobile Friendly Websites

There are over 8 million smartphones in Australia & they can ALL access your website. Your website better be mobile friendly! In-fact, there has never been a better time to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

Australian Smartphone Facts

The growth in smartphone usage in Australia has lead to significant growth in mobile phone Internet access and data usage. In comparison to other mobile phone users, smartphone users are:

  • nine times more likely to go online via their handsets
  • four times more likely to purchase goods online
  • three times more likely to stream or download audio or video content
  • three times more likely to pay bills online
  • twice as likely to access social networking sites

Mobile is Too Big a Demographic to Ignore

Long gone are the days when it was enough to simply cross your fingers and hope that your website worked well on mobile devices - and not caring if it didn't!

Internet access on smartphones is new enough that most business owners don't even think to discuss a mobile friendly version when creating their site.

89% of smartphone users are using their phone throughout the day. Often multi-tasking while doing something else ... waiting in line at the bank, eating, on the bus to work, using the bathroom or before going to bed. If your website doen't work, they'll go to another website that does.

But don't despair, getting a mobile friendly is easy with Level-five IT.

Edit Content Once, Publish to All

Don't be fooled by band-aid solutions that create multiple versions of your website.

"Was the mobile version updated?" "Is that displaying on our normal website?"

A true mobile friendly solution allows you to edit your content once and publish everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops all reading the same content, formatted to suit that device.

Why Choose Us?

  • We're right here in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - which means your data is also right here in Australia.
  • We speak Australian English and are more than happy to talk to you on the phone.
  • Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always here to help.
  • Support requests are handled in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Fantastic Customer Reviews:
"Mark and his team at Level-five are my first choice for IT support. They are reliable, expert in their field and have good turn around time. Thanks Mark & Co!"
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