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At Level-five IT we do not want you to fit our products, we want our products to fit you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to adapt Visimeet to the needs of our customers. We offer a variety of room kits and ways you can utilize our technology; our services can be modified to your company's needs.

  • Visimeet offers feature rich functionality that allows you to conduct meetings how you want, as if you were all in the same room
  • Visimeet has the ability to connect multiple videos in a single meeting
  • Visimeet allows you to adjust the video size to accommodate the number of videos in a meeting, bandwidth, or preferences
  • Connect to traditional video conferencing systems (H.323/SIP)
  • Visimeet Presence utilizes a buddy list feature to easily see who is available and quickly invite them to a virtual meeting
  • Mac, PC, Linux, Android, & iOS friendly

In addition to an on-premise client/server solution, L5IT offers Visimeet as a cloud hosted service that allows any user with internet connectivity to participate in full multipoint collaboration meetings without requiring the enterprise to own or administer expensive hardware to facilitate such meetings.



  • Visimeet uses a personal contact list that is managed by each user
  • The Contact List makes it easy to see who is available and instantly invite a user to a meeting
  • A request is sent to be a contact on a user's list, it must be accepted in order to interact with that individual on Visimeet

IM (Instant Messaging)

Directly interact with any user in your contact list via the instant messaging (IM) toolIM tool can be used during meetings for private conversations


  • Communities are an ideal way to establish contact relationships between members of larger workgroups
  • Community members do not need to add individual community members to their contact list, all community members can see each other once they agree to be part of the community
  • Users may still maintain a personal contact list and/or maintain memberships in multiple communities
  • Everyone in a workgroup or organization can collaborate
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Multiparty Meetings

Visimeet does not restrict the number of meeting participants; users may participate in multiparty video meetings with a nearly unlimited number of participants. Visimeet was designed to scale as requirements for capacity grow. Individual settings allow for adjustments when bandwidth may become strained in large meetings to ensure a superior experience.

Scheduled and Permanent Meetings

  • Recurring meeting details, ID, time, date, remain the same for every meeting in the series and may be edited
  • Email an invitation to all participants
  • Import meeting details into most calendar applications
  • Set meeting restrictions to reduce distractions

Presenter Mode

  • Limit meeting functions for participants so only the presenter can be seen and heard
  • Decreases strain on CPU and bandwidth enabling a large number of attendees to join
  • Attendees remain anonymous and have privacy
  • Set meeting restrictions to reduce distractions
  • Contact [email protected] to setup a Presenter Mode Visimeeting

Record Meetings

  • Record any Visimeetings for playback or share with individuals that could not attend the meeting
  • Recordings are stored on the server and may be shared with other users
  • In addition to recording any audio or video streams in a meeting, the Visimeet recorder will also record shared data.

Telephone Participation

  • Any user with a meeting ID may dial into a meeting and participate
  • Ability to dial out to any telephone endpoint


The moderator tool is available to the meeting owner and/or a designated meeting moderator(s) to control the audio/video of non-moderators, as well as kick or ban specific users.

Raise Hand

The Hand Raising feature allows participants to notify the Moderator that they would like to ask a question or add to the conversation without interrupting. Only the Moderator of the Visimeeting is notified.

Open Standards Interoperability

Visimeet will coexist and extend the capabilities of an existing traditional video conferencing infrastructure, H.323/SIP. A key difference between Visimeet H.323/SIP capabilities and many hardware based videoconferencing systems is that Visimeet uses a fixed central server that places the call to the H.323/SIP endpoint on behalf of the Visimeet client. On many traditional hardware based H.323/SIP endpoints, the call is initiated point-to-point. This model becomes problematic with uncooperative firewalls or routers and in scenarios where, for example, there are network issues on the LAN segment where the hardware endpoint resides. With Visimeet, the client instructs the Visimeet server to initiate the H.323/SIP call which resides at a fixed address on a high availability/performance network.

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Data Sharing

Desktop and Application Sharing

  • Share desktop(s) or a specific application window with other attendees
  • Desktops or application windows may be instantly shared as a video stream or as a snapshot
  • Share multiple items simultaneously
  • All shared desktop/application data may be resized by the remote site for improved view or organization

Presentation Sharing

When sharing a PowerPoint presentation it can automatically be sent to all meeting attendees. As the presentation updates the image the attendees sees updates as well. The seamless presentation sharing ensures attendees are on the same page as you, reducing confusion.

External Data Sharing Sources

Any external data source with a VGA/DVI/HDMI output can be shared in Visimeet meetings using inexpensive USB and card based capture devices. Such devices provide the means to transmit multiple and simultaneous data sources such as live microscope, telescope, radiology, seismic, and other proprietary computer output images into a meeting, in real time.

File Transfer

Share any file, large or small, with other meeting participants. Simply upload the file for meeting participants to download.

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Commodity Hardware

Visimeet software uses off the shelf hardware for audio input/output, giving each user the flexibility to use the devices that best suit their needs. For example, a desktop user may utilize a simple USB headset or speakerphone while a classroom site might require multiple microphones integrated with a professional audio system.

Echo Cancellation

While L5IT provides echo cancellation in the Visimeet application, we recommend the use of echo canceling devices such as a headset, or echo canceling speaker/microphone system. L5IT's echo cancellation software allows a user without an echo canceling device to participate in meetings with minimal audio issues for other sites in the meeting.

Independent Controls

Have you ever been on a conference call where some of the people are too quiet while others are too loud? Visimeet's independent audio controls eliminate this problem by allowing each user to control each of the audio streams of the remote user. Each user's audio can be raised or lowered by each site to fit their individual needs without affecting the other sites.

Wideband Audio

Visimeet provides the means for each user to adjust the audio codec in use and optimize for bandwidth or quality. The standard audio codec is a high performance codec that is set to deliver the best audio performance possible. In some network restricted environments, the bandwidth needed to support this codec may not be available. Visimeet provides the option of a lower bandwidth codec for this instance that still provides a high quality experience.

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Visimeet's video capabilities provide a superior visual experience that may be tailored for each site's specific requirements. An endpoint may be configured to support from one to four simultaneous video camera inputs. A desktop system, for example, may be configured to use a single USB camera while an interactive classroom could potentially utilize multiple HD cameras in conjunction with external video data feeds for sources such as whiteboards, microscopes, and telescopes. Each video input is separately configured with granular control over options such as transmit codecs.To quickly and easily conserve system and network resources, all sites in a meeting may choose whether or not to receive video streams from other sites and can select which sites to receive video from.

Codec and Format Support

Visimeet supports H.264, H.263, and H.261 video codecs as well as various HD and SD formats including 1080p30, 1080i30, 720p30, VGA, CIF, and QCIF.

Unlimited Inbound Video

Visimeet does not limit the number of inbound video streams you may receive and likewise display on your desktop(s). You are only limited by your system and network resources.

PTZ Support

Visimeet is capable of local or remote control of pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras. Meeting participants may control connected cameras using simple mouse drag gestures over video windows or via the camera control tool.

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The Dialer tool allows users to instantly invite multiple concurrent telephone, H.323, and/or SIP endpoints to a Visimeet meeting. All calls are likewise bridged together and as such, the simultaneously connected Visimeet/PSTN/H.323/SIP endpoints will hear and/or see each other in the meeting.

Since many traditional IP based video conferencing systems support H.323 or SIP, the Dialer tool can provide a cost effective means to leverage and extend existing video conferencing infrastructure.

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Visimeet is based on a client/server model that works on any IP network. It was designed to help enterprises quickly and efficiently solve common video conferencing deployment issues. Since many of the core components are hosted on a single, centrally accessible server, the total cost of ownership for Visimeet is significantly less than comparably equipped traditional video conference systems.


Some key advantages of the L5IT Visimeet solution include simplicity, scalability, reliability, and low total cost of ownership. L5IT solutions run on commodity hardware that costs significantly less to deploy and maintain than comparable proprietary hardware based solutions. There are a variety of room kit options available that scale to fit requirements for large and small projects.

Hosted or On-premise

L5IT provides options for Visimeet users to connect to locally managed on-premise Visimeet servers or alternately to L5IT managed enterprise class cloud hosted servers. With an L5IT Enterprise Visimeet Network (EVN), all Visimeet endpoints connect via a locally hosted server. Visimeet server software runs on any standard Red Hat Linux system and costs significantly less to deploy and maintain than comparable MCU solutions. L5IT also offers options for deploying and managing dedicated on-premise Visimeet servers that are for exclusive use. Contact Sales to learn more.


L5IT provides secure software that supports up to AES256 encryption and TLS/SSL encryption.

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android,& iOS

You may run the Visimeet client on any sufficiently equipped Windows (7+), MacOS (10.7+), Linux (32 & 64 bit) Android , and iOS.

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