Renovo Video Conference Scheduler

Video Scheduler is your complete solution to video conference scheduling and management.

Scheduling video conferences can be a complicated process. Renovo’s feature-rich video conference scheduling software gives you complete control. Video Scheduler, our web-based video conference scheduling system, is hardware and network neutral software that works with leading video conferencing equipment.

Video Scheduler enables users to access video conference scheduling over the internet or your own intranet from any standard web browser. The web interface utilizes a username and password login which provides security against unauthorized use. Video Scheduler is deployed in some of the largest video conferencing networks in the world, yet scales down to fit the needs of most video conferencing networks

Advanced Scheduling Options
Video Conference Automation
MCU Scheduling & Automation
Administration & Management

Advanced Scheduling Options

Video Conference Scheduling that works for You.

Renovo’s video conference management software, Video Scheduler, allows you to quickly schedule on-demand or future video conferences through a secure and intuitive web-based scheduling system. Username and password authentication provides security against unauthorized use and allows the ability to assign permissions to different user groups.

Choose Your Reservation Type

Video Scheduler will save you time by allowing you to reserve multiple or ongoing reservations with just one reservation submission. You can even edit single conferences within a recurring reservation. In addition, you can easily recreate new reservations from old or existing ones. Simply copy the previous reservation, make any necessary updates, and submit.

  • Single reservations
  • Ad-hoc or on-demand reservations
  • Multiple dates/times reservations
  • Regularly recurring reservations
  • Edit single conferences within multiple/recurring reservations
  • Copy old or existing reservations

Event Offering

Creating an event schedules a conference that others can sign up for. You can make an event available to everyone within your network, or limit it to specific user groups. Users can then search for an event using any of the definable fields (e.g. date, time, event type). You can also specify a maximum number of endpoints, a maximum number of participants, and a reservation close date. Events can be single or multi-room, and are compatible with the Video Scheduler’s email and RSS notification features.

Message Boards (Listserv)

Video Scheduler includes a built in message board (a.k.a. listserv or forum) that works in conjunction with event offering. Users can subscribe to the message board lists in order to receive emails when new posts are created. An event section of the message board allows users to post, request, or discuss event offerings.

Custom Scheduling Options

Administrators can set up custom time blocks (e.g. class periods) and durations for recurring conferences (e.g. semester or calendar year) that users can then choose from. Individual users can set scheduling preferences such as calendar views, time zones, and time format (standard vs. military time). In addition, you can add an unlimited number of additional information fields to any reservation.

  • Custom time blocks
  • Custom recurrence durations
  • Unlimited additional information fields
  • Set time zones and time format (standard/military)
  • Calendar view

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

Video Scheduler eliminates scheduling conflicts by automatically checking to ensure that resources are available for the requested conference before confirming a reservation. Endpoints, rooms, devices, ports, gateways, and bandwidth availability are all checked before a reservation is confirmed.

MCU Scheduling and Load Balancing

Video Scheduler empowers institutions and network administrators to effectively manage MCUs with advanced scheduling, reporting, and monitoring tools. Learn more about Video Scheduler’s numerous MCU scheduling and automation features.

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Video Conference Automation

Manage and automate your video conferencing network with ease.

Automatic Conference Set-up & Tear Down

After scheduling a conference, endpoints and MCUs are automatically connected at the scheduled time according to the options that were chosen. No manual interaction is necessary. Users can simply show up and participate in the conference with little to no knowledge or training.

Automated Email Notifications

Email notifications were designed to help cut down on the amount of manual communication required to administrate video conference networks. At the same time, Video Scheduler’s automated email notifications help keep users on your network up to date should a conference be changed, cancelled, etc.

There are 11 different actions that administrators can set to trigger Video Scheduler to send an email notification. Examples include conference creation, conference change, conference cancellation, room request, room approval, etc.

Each of the 11 different email notifications have templates that can be customized. Text, images, and logos can be used to brand the email specifically for your organization. An option is also available to send emails as calendar invites (.ics format).

Automatic Conflict Checking

During scheduling and confirmation, Video Scheduler ensures that all necessary resources are available, such as MCU’s, endpoints, recording devices, rooms, bandwidth, etc.

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MCU Scheduling & Automation

Complete Multipoint Control Unit Management

Renovo’s video conference scheduling software is, at it’s core, an advanced scheduling solution that gives institutions and network administrators the power to effectively manage multipoint control units in their video conference environment.

MCU Scheduling & Load Balancing

When scheduling a video conference, Video Scheduler provides several options for MCU scheduling. Video Scheduler can auto-select an MCU, suggest an MCU and leave final selection to the user, or simply allow users to manually select an MCU. In each case, Video Scheduler will only allow users to select MCU’s that they’ve been granted access to.

In addition, auto-selection and suggested selections can be based on load balancing or on a weighted list of MCU’s assigned to a user group and defined by an administrator.

  • Automatic Selection
  • Load Balancing
  • Weighted list for user group
  • Suggested Selection
  • Load Balancing
  • Weighted list for user group
  • Manual Selection
  • All Permissions Based

Hardware Neutral

Video Scheduler has been developed to schedule and control almost any major brand of MCU on the market. This hardware neutral approach helps you protect your investment and prevent technology obsolescence.

MCU Capacity Checking

While you’re scheduling a conference, Video Scheduler displays the capacities and availability of MCUs and their corresponding services. If an MCU or MCU service is over-prescribed, the total will display in red text to signify that continuing would cause a conflict.

Video Scheduler also allows you to run reports for a past or future time frame to view the capacities for MCU’s and their corresponding services. This not only allows you to audit your usage and capacities, it also helps you anticipate and prepare for future usage.

Conference Queuing

Video Scheduler allows you to set how far in advance a video conference should be placed on the MCU. This time period is determined based on the number of conferences that can be stored on the MCU at one time as well as the conference load of the network. When a conference is moved to the MCU, you will be able to see the conference through the native tools of the MCU.

Scheduling Redundancy

Video Scheduler allows you to schedule MCU conferences as far into the future as you desire. If an MCU has an issue, conferences are still stored in the Video Scheduler database. Conferences can be pushed to another MCU or when the issue is resolved, they can be re-sent to the current MCU.

If, on the other hand, the server environment that Video Scheduler resides in has an issue, having the conferences queued on the MCUs for a defined time frame means scheduled video conferences will continue for the time frame you specified without interruption.

Live Maintenance

Video Scheduler allows you to dynamically control running MCU conferences (some features depend on the capabilities of your specific MCU).

Scheduling and Saving Recordings

Video Scheduler makes it easy to schedule recording ports into an MCU conference. Video Scheduler also has the ability to read folders from certain recording devices, allowing you to select the folder you want to save it in when you schedule the video conference.

Simplified Process

All of this is accomplished through the same simple, single page interface. Video Scheduler is browser based, so you won’t have to manage yet another software installation.

  • Simple, single page interface.
  • Port-only scheduling for participant dial-in allows you to choose the the date, time, and recurrence if appropriate. Choose the number of connections, create a PIN, and select your streaming, recording and audio options.
  • Dial-in or dial-out from the MCU. This allows you to schedule endpoints into the conference.
  • Invite or email participants. Participants can be sent calendar invites (.ics email) or notified via email with as much or as little of the connection details as you’d like.
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Administration & Management

Designed to make you efficient.

Video Scheduler, Renovo’s video conference scheduling software, allows institutions to administer their video conferencing system in such a manner that reflects the real life privileges and capabilities of its users. Video Scheduler is completely configurable so that while a network of endpoints grows, it can be configured to accurately represent the needs of that network.

Multiple Domain Authentication

With Renovo’s Video Scheduler, there is no need for your users to create new username and passwords. Video Scheduler can be configured to authenticate via your Active Directory, LDAP, or Shibboleth. This feature saves you from the time and headache of managing an entirely new set of users and their passwords.

User Privileges

Video Scheduler can be configured to function as a centralized environment with a single administrator, a decentralized environment with several administrators, or anywhere in between on a scale of 1 to 1,000.

Each function within Video Scheduler is a privilege that can be enabled or disabled for a user or user group. In addition, each room/site/endpoint has two levels of access: one allows the user to select it for scheduling, and the second allows the user to approve scheduling requests. In this way, conferences, MCU resources, and endpoints can be requested and subsequently approved by the resource owner(s).

Finally, Video Scheduler allows multiple customers to function autonomously or together on a single, shared network. Policies can be applied across the entire network, or to individual segments of the network.

Live Conference Maintenance

Administrators are given complete control over live conferences. Some of the live conference administrative capabilities include:

  • Stop, suspend, and resume live conferences
  • Change a conference’s end time
  • Disconnect and re-connect ports to a conference
  • Change the continuous presence layout at any time
  • Change an endpoint from dial-in to dial out or vice versa
  • Mute audio from an endpoint
  • Change the broadcast volume to an endpoint
  • Change lecturer mode and lecturer name
  • Stop video to a specific endpoint or endpoints
  • Designate an endpoint as the exclusive speaker


Renovo’s video conference scheduling software offers a robust set of reporting tools. Video Scheduler allows you to monitor and report on your video conferencing network, and use those reports to help your institution make critical decisions about the conferences, classes, or events they offer.

Video Scheduler comes with over 25 standard reports including usage reports, schedule reports, MCU capacity reports, conflict reports, and administrative reports. Reports can be saved in HTML, PDF, or XML formats). On top of that, Renovo makes reporting capabilities unlimited by offering our customers access to the database so that, should you desire, you can create your own reports.

Reservation History

Video Scheduler contains a built-in tracking system which records all reservations, changes to those reservations, when a change took place, and who made the change. Administrators can use reservation history to audit their video conferencing environment in order to ensure user accountability and data authenticity.

Custom Database Fields

Create and define an unlimited amount of your own custom database fields. Administrators can create plain text, numerical, single select drop down, multi-select drop down, date, URL, and file attachment fields. When a conference is scheduled, the custom fields will appear alongside the standard input fields. This capability allows you to track virtually anything for later reporting.

Custom fields are also useful for Video Scheduler’s event offering capability. URLs, file uploads, and other custom informational input can be used when scheduling an event offering. That information is then posted to the event for users to view.

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