Interactive and affordable, our solid-state media players pair powerful performance with sophisticated, easy-to-use capabilities. Complete with software, networking solutions and more, our all-inclusive solution lets you do more from the start.


Only BrightSign provides the power, performance and capabilities of PC signage solutions with none of the glitches and down-time. BrightSign’s solid-state platform and BrightAuthor software assures 100% reliability while delivering all of the capabilities you need.

Powerful Video Engine

BrightSign XD models feature an advanced video engine with superior scaling technology that delivers pristine 1080p60 video, and un-compromized decoding capable of playing dual Full HD videos or several lower resolution videos simultaneously, as well as 3D content.

Live TV

BrightSign XD brings Live TV to your signage with an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner that plays cable TV or closed circuit TV broadcasts, and an HDMI Input that plays any broadcast content – even protected HDCP content.


Now web designers can easily build engaging content to run on BrightSign XD using familiar development tools they know well.


Touch & Gesture

BrightSign XD will add the popular ‘swipe’ interactivity to BrightSign's usual touch screen support; and only BrightSign includes free BrightAuthor software for easy creation of interactive playlists and touch areas.


Playback multiple content types on a single screen using zones and play video and audio playlists independently from a single player.

Video Walls

Synchronized playback between multiple video displays including non-standard display shapes and mixed screen orientations can be coordinated with lighting systems and music to create immersive experiences.


Trigger playback from virtually any type of interactive device: barcode scanners, motion sensors, RFID, GPIO, USB button controls, touch screens, IR remote controls, serial devices, keyboards, mice and more!

UDP Control

Interact with signage via mobile devices, deliver emergency messaging, integrate with databases, show controllers, etc. It’s easy using BrightSign’s wireless or Ethernet connectivity and BrightAuthor.

RSS & Social Media Feeds

Live RSS, Twitter and Flickr feeds can be displayed to link your signage to literally any RSS data feed available.

Live Text

Live Text fields can be integrated anywhere in your presentation to instantly update content without republishing the entire presentation. Perfect for menu board pricing, waitlists, transportation schedules and more.


Play content targeted to the location of your moving digital signage! Simply install a GPS dongle in BrightSign's USB port, identify geo-coordinates using Google maps, assign interactive playlists to the geo-fenced areas as trigger events, and go!

IP Streaming

Connect to streaming media sources including IP cameras to play Full HD video and audio in full screen or zoned layouts.


BrightSign’s multiple networking options make it easy to update content, playback live content, monitor and manage your digital signs remotely.


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