About Level-five Information Technology

Are your IT systems performing at their peak or holding you back? How do you know? Find Out Here!

At Level-five IT we help you look after the health of your IT. From keeping things virus free, to making sure your systems are online and available when you need them. We ensure your IT always performs as well as you do!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your silent business partners looking after the health of your IT.

Our IT Focus

  • Data security and risk management
  • Cloud environments
  • Cloud-based application development
  • Computer desktops, laptops and servers
  • Local and remote computer networks
  • Software and licencing
  • Websites and online stores
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Copy-writing and content development
  • Graphics and logo design

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Customer Service:
  • “Mark and his team at Level-five are my first choice for IT support. They are reliable, expert in their field and have good turn around time. Thanks Mark & Co!”Read more customer feedback.
  • We're local! We're in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Our cloud services are 100% Australia based.
  • We speak Australian and are more than happy to talk to you on the phone.
  • Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always here to help.
  • Support is handled in a fast and efficient manner.

Ready to Sign-up?

Please give us a call: 1300 550 811 or pop some details in here.


Get the tools you need to get the job done. Reliably, cost effectively and on-time. We help you eliminate the things that waste resources, so you can focus on growing and developing your organisation.


How can you engage people more effectively? Communication has been re-defined in the 21st century. Using smart technology enables you to reach out to new people and engage existing ones without being left behind.


Could you operate your organisation with your IT systems turned off for 1 hour? How about 1 week? What happens if you lose everything? Protecting your data is critical for operating a successful organisation.

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